Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy (70% OFF)



Unwind from daily stress and refocus again!

Reusable Bubble Pops Fidget Toy relaxes your mind and tension by redirecting your anxiety to the endless popping action. Ideal for everyone including kids & adults.

With a satisfying sound and tactile feel with every pop, it stimulates your child’s senses and calms their minds. It also increases focus and concentration.


  • ENDLESS POPS: Never ending bubble wrap that can be reset to use unlimitedly.
  • INCREASE FOCUS: According to research, when children can control or direct their movements, they can also improve focus and concentration. The study confirmed that learning and productivity can be enhanced with fidget toys.
  • REDUCE STRESS: Calm your mind & entire body as fidgeting itself is a calming mechanism.
  • IMPROVR HEALTH: Combat the symptoms of anxiety, stress and other mental health disorders.
  • GREAT FOR ALL: Perfect for all ages and genders, kids, adults & seniors.


  • Size: Appro. 13cm x 13cm x 1.5cm


  • Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy x 1